Welcome to a place where your life is as important as your job.

Our people have something many workers don't. A life.

Competitive salary and benefits are only half the story. The other half is about you and your decision to live and work in Montana.  At Montana State Fund, you'll find that our people appreciate their surroundings.  They live a balanced life, by working hard and enjoying their beautiful home state.  It shows in the quality of their work - and the smiles on their faces. 

Montana State Fund is an independent public corporation headquartered in Helena, Montana. Our ever-changing work environment is fast-paced and high-energy. Since 1990, we have worked with governors and legislatures to build a viable and competitive workers' compensation system, improving operational efficiency and allowing for employers to have the most flexibility to obtain coverage at competitive prices. Over the years, we have evolved from a traditional organizational structure to one that is adapted to the needs of the information age. It's a system that has worked for Montana - and for the many people we employ.

Montana State Fund works hard to retain great talent by offering a comprehensive benefit package, and then some.  In fact, benefits include higher education reimbursement, plus training and development programs. What's more, you can set up special medical expense accounts for tax-free income, much like a flex plan.